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Do you want to know how your peers are tackling the challenges of delivering Apprenticeships?

Join the Apprenticeship Staff Support Programme Community of Practice

Connect with colleagues who are delivering Apprenticeships, are willing to share their experiences and knowledge, and who want to hear about yours.

When you join the Community, you’ll choose colleagues to contact in similar jobs and organisations, by region and by expertise.

Why join:
• Connect with colleagues
• Discuss Apprenticeship issues and gain new perspectives
• Share approaches and resources
• Develop contacts and networks in your region or your sector
• Learn and reflect with colleagues

Talk to your peers about the Apprenticeship issues that you’re facing such as:
• Assessment
• Employability skills
• Employer engagement
• English and maths
• Initial assessment and support
• Marketing to learners
• Systems and processes
• Working with vulnerable learners
• Workplace and off-site learning
• Preparing for new Apprenticeship Standards